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dc.contributor.authorGEETALI, INGAWALE-
dc.contributor.authorANITA, GOSWAMI-
dc.description.abstractLantana camara provides a huge amount of bioconstituents that is interest to exploit for natural products in medical field. Pentacyclic triterpenes/ lantadenes and other triterpenoids from lantana exhibited a wide array of pharmacological activities having potential for the development of antitumor therapeutic agents. Leaves of Lantana demonstrated its activity in aqueous, organic solvents and solvents ratio. Bioactivity of pentacyclic triterpenoids was exhibited with hydrovaccum distillation followed by gel chromatography and its enriched fractions of Lantadene analysed by spectroscopic, chromatographic methods and by surface morphology technique. This study may exploit for rational therapy of life.en_US
dc.subjectLantana camara; Lantadene; Pentacyclic triterpenoids ; bioactive molecule.en_US
dc.titleIsolation and characterization of bioactive molecule from Lantana camaraen_US
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