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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2019F.Y.B.Sc. Course-I, Semester-IIRathod, S.D.
Sep-2019F.Y.B.Sc. Course-I, Semester-IIRathod, S.D.
Oct-2016The Facilitation of Technology For Advancement Women Economy.Goswami-Giri, Anita S; Katkar-Torne, Monali; Aghshe, Kirti; Pejaver, M.K.
Dec-2016Factors affecting patient decision in selecting private hospitalsTolani, Jharna
2001Factors governing polychaete biomass in Thane creek, Maharashtra state, IndiaPejaver, M.K.; Athalye, R.P.; Tandel, S.S.; Gokhale, K.S.
19-May-2014Factors Influencing Professionals’ Decision for Cloud Computing AdoptionMathur, Suman Kishore; Dhulla, Tejal V.
Sep-2014FC SYBSC Sem IIIBhosale, S.K
Sep-2014FC SYBSC Sem IVBhosale, S.K
10-Jan-2012Federated Search for e-ResourcesBhavsar, Sandeep
Dec-2012Feeding Habits Of Boleophthalmus Dussumieri (Cuv. & Val.) From Ulhas River Estuary Near Thane City, Maharashtra State.Rathod, S.D.; Patil, N.N.
Apr-2015File TransferYadav, Soni
24-Apr-2011Financial Reporting in IndiaMurthy, Guruprasad
12-Jul-2014First Oriental Conference Poona : ProceedingsBhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
22-Apr-2011Fiscal PolicyMurthy, Guruprasad
2016Fishery status of Alimghar Channel of Ulhas River, Thane (M.S.) India.Kurve, Poonam; Patil, Vicky
2002Food and Feeding Habits of Metapenaeus monoceros found in Thane creekPejaver, M.K.; Gokhale, K.S.
Jun-2012Foundation Course-