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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Aam Aurat Jinda Sawal ek AdhyayanSingh, Jayshree
2017-04AarsaRaje, Vimukta
2015-08-12​​ ABC Analysis- A Simple Approach Grouping of Plankton Based on AbundanceSomani Vaishali, Gholba Milan,; Quadros Goldin, Pejaver Madhuri
2019-01ABP NetUniversity of Mumbai
2016-10Academic And Administrative audits for improvement of performance of educational institution : Case study of B.N.Bandodkar College of Science, Thane, Maharashtra.Gholba M.J., Athalye R.P.; Pejaver M.K.
2015-06Acclimation & Acclimatization to hot environmentAthalye, R.P.
2015-06Acclimation and acclimatizationAthalye, R.P.
2014-05-12Accompaniment to Mitchell's map of the world on Mercator's ProjectionMitchell, Samuel Augustus
2011-04-24T08:29:40ZAccountants : Men with Feet of Clay?Murthy, Guruprasad
2012-11-06Addressing some Design and Control issue in Automated Stroage and Retrieval Systems for Flexible manufacturing SystemsChincholkar, A.M.; Chetty, O.V. Krishnaiah
2011-11-26Administrative Law in India - The Fire Fighting and Fire Watching FunctionsSrividhya, Jaymukar
2014-05-19T08:42:55ZAdoption of Cloud Computing by Tertiary Level Students – A StudyDhulla, Tejal V.; Mathur, Suman Kishore
2020-02Advance JavaJADHAV, TEJAS
2015-04Advanced Techniques in field studiesSaha, M
2019-02Advanced Web ProgrammingUniversity of Mumbai
2009-09-25Advancements in Medical InstrumentationNayak, Dileepkumar K.
2015-06Aestivation (Summer sleep or summer dormancy)Athalye, R.P.
2012Aforestration on Barren Lands and Restoring Biodiversity Through NGO: A Case StudyPejaver, M.K.