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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06Nervous and chemical regulation heartAthalye, R.P.
2017-11NETBT 2015B.N.Bandoakr College of Science, Thane
2019-08NeuroblastomaPatankar, Shivani
2011-11Neurogenic and Myogenic heartsAthalye, R.P.
2015-06Neurogenic and Myogenic heartsAthalye, R.P.
2015-06Neurogenic heartAthalye, R.P.
2011-11Neurogenic heartsAthalye, R.P.
2019-08NEUROTRANSMITTERSGovekar, Viraj
2014-05-19T08:16:13ZA New Approach to Indian Philosophy and Personality – A StudyDhulla, Tejal
2018-06New Bard of MacDonald Generation: A Critical Study of the Marginalised Voices in Amish Tripathi’s Shiva TrilogyDharmadhikari, Prashant
2011-04-22T10:14:59ZNew Debt - Equity Policy An AppraisalMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-22T10:17:36ZThe New Debt - Equity Policy An AppraisalMurthy, Guruprasad
2014-11New Development in Drug Discovery from Natural Products and Traditional MedicinesMorajkar, A.
2011-11A new genus Punctodensus from North Western Ghat, Maharashtra,Patwardhan, Amol; Schimmel, Rainer; Athalye, R. P
2011-04-24T08:25:29ZNew Landscape of BusinessMurthy, Guruprasad
2005New Reocords of Rotifers From Thane Lakes (Maharashtra)Raut, N.S.; Pejaver, M.K.
2011-11A New Species Of Metriaulacus Schwarz, 1901 From Maharashtra, IndiaPatwardhan, Amol; Platia, G.; Athalye, R.P.
2011-11A new species of Xanthopenthes FLEUTIAUX 1928 from Maharashtra, India (Coleoptera : Elateridae)Patwardhan, Amol; Schimmer, Reiner; Athalye, R.P.