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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-02PhysicsVPM's B.N.Bandodkar College of Science, Thane
2000A study of Fish kill in Railadevi lake (Thane, Maharashtra)Pejaver, M.K.; Somani, Vaishali
2001Disposal of Nirmalya (religious refuse) a social problemPejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.; Quadros, G.
2001Occurrence of the lobster moth caterpillar in Yeoor hills, Thane (Maharashtra)Pejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.
2001Factors governing polychaete biomass in Thane creek, Maharashtra state, IndiaPejaver, M.K.; Athalye, R.P.; Tandel, S.S.; Gokhale, K.S.
2001A contribution to the vascular flora, birds and butterflies of Yeoor hills and environsPejaver, M.K.; Borkar, M.U.
2002Physicochemical studies of lake Ambegosale (infested by Pistia sps.) Thane (India)Pejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.; Borkar, M.
2002Food and Feeding Habits of Metapenaeus monoceros found in Thane creekPejaver, M.K.; Gokhale, K.S.
2002Sonneratia apetala (Buch. Ham.) (Fam.: Sonneratiaceae), A new larval food plant for Tasar silk moth Antheraea paphia (Linn.)Pejaver, M.K.; Nitsure, S.; Chaturvedi, N.
2002Nutrient management from lakes in Thane city (Maharashtra)Pejaver, M.K.; Raut, N.
2002Species Diversity of Avifauna at Thane Creek near Rutuchakra Nature ParkPejaver, M.K.; Nitsure, S.R.
2002Mangrove plantation at rutuchakra by HOPEPatwardhan, Amol; Pejaver, M.K.
2003Deterioration of Thane Creek Ecosystem Near Thane City Over The Past 20 YearsQuadros Goldin, .Athalye R.P.; Mukharjee Mangal, Pejaver M.K.; Tandel S. S., Borkar Mangal; Somani Vaishali, Gokhale K. S.
2003Rotifer Diversity in Lake Masunda, Thane, (Maharashtra)Somani, V.U.; Pejaver, M.K.
2003Study on Biodiversity of some macrophyte infested lakes, from Thane city (Maharashtra)Raut, N.S.; Pejaver, M.K.
2003Dynamics of Chlorophyceae in phytoplankton of lake Masunda, Thane, MaharashtraSomani, V.U.; Pejaver, M.K.
2003-09Qualitative Study of Fin Fish and Shell Fish Fauna of Thane Creek and Ulhas River Estuary  Rathod, S.D.; N.N., Patil; Quadros, Goldin; Athalye, R.P.
2004Physico- Chemical Parameters of Two Quarry Lakes, Near Thane City, Maharashtra.Pejaver, M.K.,; Somani, Vaishali,; Quadros, Goldin
2004Butterflies of B. N. Bandodkar College Campus, Thane, MaharashtraKurve, P.; Pejaver, M.K.
2004A Consortium Approach Through College School ComplexPejaver, M.K.