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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Aforestration on Barren Lands and Restoring Biodiversity Through NGO: A Case StudyPejaver, M.K.
2010Biocompost - A Niche For Insect DiversityPejaver, M.K.; Gujarathi, G.
2013Biodiversity study of satpuda National Park, Madhai, Distrcit, Hoshangabad, Madhya PradeshPejaver, M.K.; Kurve, P.; Borkar, M.; Shenai, D.
2016-10Biomethanation : Solution to Urban Waste Management in Mumbai.Khanolkar, Chinmay,; Pejaver, M.K.
2010Brain, Mind and Conciousness – an evolutionary approachPejaver, M.K.
2004Butterflies of B. N. Bandodkar College Campus, Thane, MaharashtraKurve, P.; Pejaver, M.K.
2006Cluster analysis of Physico - chemical parameters from Thane lakes in MaharashtraRaut, N.S.; Gholba, M.; Pejaver, M.K.
2015-08-12Cluster Analysis of Physicochemical Characteristics of Water Samples from the Riverine end of Thane Creek, Maharashtra, India.Chaoudhari Pachpande, Sheetal; Pejaver, M.K.; Gholba, M.J.
2007Cluster analysis of phytoplankton from the lakes of Thane, MaharashtraRaut, N.S.; Gholba, M.; Pejaver, M.K.
2006Cluster Analysis of Zooplankton From Thane Lakes (Maharashtra)Raut, N.S.; Gholba, M.; Pejaver, M.K.
2016-10Comparative Study of Flora of Three Plateaus in Western Maharashtra.Shenai, D.D.; Borkar, M.U.; Pejaver, M.K.
2010Conservation of Mangroves with Respect To Their Potentiality of Organic Carbon Accumulation in Sediments of Thane Creek, Maharashtra, IndiaChoudhari, Sheetal; Pejaver, M.K.
2011Conservation with People's Participation – A Case StudyPejaver, M.K.; Borkar, M.U.
2004A Consortium Approach Through College School ComplexPejaver, M.K.
2001A contribution to the vascular flora, birds and butterflies of Yeoor hills and environsPejaver, M.K.; Borkar, M.U.
2004Crustacean zooplankton of lake Masunda, ThaneSomani, V.U.; Pejaver, M.K.
2011Diatom Diversity in Gadhi River and Deharang ReservoirGurav, M.N.; Pejaver, M.K.
2001Disposal of Nirmalya (religious refuse) a social problemPejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.; Quadros, G.
2003Dynamics of Chlorophyceae in phytoplankton of lake Masunda, Thane, MaharashtraSomani, V.U.; Pejaver, M.K.
2012Effect of Pollution on Rotifer Diversity in River Gandhi and Deharang ReservoirGurav, M.N.; Pejaver, M.K.