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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04-24T08:29:40ZAccountants : Men with Feet of Clay?Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-22T09:27:18ZThe anti-inflationary Package : missed again - Corporate Planning in IndiaMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T05:52:34ZBears on the Prowl Mega-Issues-Guidelines An AppraisalMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T05:48:46ZBonus Issues : Will there be a boom?Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T07:02:04ZBoom! Boom!Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T08:18:38ZBudget Proposals : Regarding DepreciationMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-22T09:39:42ZCan Bombay be Saved?Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-22T04:04:39ZCapital Expenditure DecisionsMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T08:39:25ZCommunication and Information Technology Human Computing-The Future of ITMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-22T04:48:42ZConversion of Loans into Equity (An Economic Analysis)Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T05:56:25ZConvocation AddressMurthy, Guruprasad
2009-12-18Corporate Social ResponsibilityMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T08:22:10ZCost & Management Accountants New Economic Policy & Sustained Competitive AdvantageMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-23T07:53:13ZCost of Capital (An Appraisal of Concepts and Practice)Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T06:04:57ZCredit Card : Serving the Consumer Credit Cards-A Conceptual FrameMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T05:11:49ZDepreciation Accounting and Corporate Law in IndiaMurthy, Guruprasad
2010-04-14Dr. V N Bedekar Memorial Research Volume V 2010Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-14Dr. V N Bedekar Memorial Research Volume VI 2011Murthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-22T03:59:13ZEconomics of InformationMurthy, Guruprasad
2011-04-24T08:33:07ZFinancial Reporting in IndiaMurthy, Guruprasad