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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Life Cycle Studies of Prataetia aurichalcea (Cetoniinae: Cetonidae : Scarabaeidas) in household biocompostGujarathi, G.R.; Pejaver, M.K.
2002Mangrove plantation at rutuchakra by HOPEPatwardhan, Amol; Pejaver, M.K.
2015-02Natural Carbon Sequestration by dominant mangrove species Avicennia marina var. accutissima ex Staf & Moldenke ex Moldenke found across Thane creek, Maharashtra, India”, International Journal of scientific & Engineering ResearchChoudhari, Sheetal; Pejaver, M.K.
2005New Reocords of Rotifers From Thane Lakes (Maharashtra)Raut, N.S.; Pejaver, M.K.
2010Nonverbal Communication – An Evolutionary Approach from Zoosemiotics to AntroposemioticsPejaver, M.K.
2002Nutrient management from lakes in Thane city (Maharashtra)Pejaver, M.K.; Raut, N.
2013Occurrence of Black Soldier Fly Hermetia illucens (Diptera : Stratiomyidae) in BiocompostGujarathi, G.R.; Pejaver, M.K.
2012Occurrence of Rotifers and its Relation to the Water Quality during the Bioremediation process in Lake Kacharali,Thane,MS,IndiaSomani, V.; Quadros, G.; Pejaver, M.K.
2001Occurrence of the lobster moth caterpillar in Yeoor hills, Thane (Maharashtra)Pejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.
2011Ovipositing By Acraea Violae on non – food plants – A mistake or an attempt to acquire new food plantBhagwat, A.R.; Pejaver, M.K.
2002Physicochemical studies of lake Ambegosale (infested by Pistia sps.) Thane (India)Pejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.; Borkar, M.
2004Physiochemical parameters of two quarry lakes near Thane cityPejaver, M.K.; Somani, V.; Quadros, G.
2012Planktonic Diversities and Densities With Respect to Its Relationships to the Natrients in River Gandhi and Deharang ReservoirGurav, M.N.; Patil, S.S.; Pejaver, M.K.
2006Pls Response (Zooplankton) to Physico-Chemical Parameters from Thane Lakes (Maharashtra)Raut, N.S.; Gholba, M.; Pejaver, M.K.
2005Preliminary Observations on Effect of Three Different Types of Food on the Population Density of the Fresh Water RotiferTadphale, S.; Pejaver, M.K.
2016-10A Report on Heronary in Mahad Taluka Dist Raigad Maharashtra.Mistri, Premsagar; Pejaver, M.K.
2007Response of phytoplankton of Thane lakes, (Maharashtra) to Physico – Chemical ParametersRaut, N.S.; Gholba, M.; Pejaver, M.K.
2010Role of Butterfly Garden In EcotourismBhagwat, A.; Pejaver, M.K.
2016-09Role of IQAC in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Ways of Enhancing Teachers Motivation for quality in Higher Education.Deuskar, A.M.; Gholba, M.J.; Pejaver, M.K.
2016-10Role of Teacher In Peace Education.Gholba, M.J.; Deuskar, A.M.; Pejaver, M.K.