Improving Efficiency of power sectors by using GIS

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VPM's Polytechnic
Electricity is universally accepted as an essential commodity for human beings. It plays an important role in overall growth and development of a nation. Efficient functioning of utility is essential to sustain the growth of power sector and economy. After passing of electricity act 2003 by the Parliament, Electricity utilities in India underwent unbundling such as GENCO, TRANSCO, and DISCO. At the time of passing this act the utilities were facing severe problems because of lack of modernization and were also incurring huge losses due to which their survival was difficult. In addition to restructuring initiatives, it is required that some latest and modern systems be utilized for improving efficiency of power sectors. GIS is a competent and effective tool for managing transmission and distribution activities. GIS can be effectively used for transmission line route alignment and managing electricity distribution facilities. It has the ability to improve upon traditional practices and hence today it has become an important aspect in power delivery.
Improving Efficiency of power sectors by using GIS