Zeta Potential of Lantadene Post Alcoholic Reflux Method

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Lantadene, a pentacyclic triterpenoid, is a hydrophobic bioactive compound exhibiting wide array of therapeutic applications. It’s high molecular weight and structure plays an important factor for using this as drug. Zeta potential value -17.96 meV indicates it’s stability in the colloidal dispersion. Proper drug delivery system may focus on feasible therapeutic action.
Lantana camera L. provides a huge amount of biomass that is interest to exploit for natural product. Some pentacyclic tri-terpenoids are known to have anti-inflammatory.1,2 antitumor3 or anti-AIDS activity. Lantadene isolated from L. Camera belong to the oleanane series which have attracted considerable interest mainly because of their toxicity and antitumor activity. Leaf extracts exhibits tumor inhibitory activity in a two stage carcinogenesis model in mice. It was also found that compound induces apoptosis in human leukemia HL- 60 cells4. These compounds differ in the structure of the group attached C- 22 and there are indication that the structural variations involving C-22, C- 17 in the antitumor activity of Lantadene A.7
Lantana camara linn, Lantadene, Zeta potential, colloidal dispersion, drug delivery system.