Bioactive Molecule of Onion Leaves Act as Inhibitor of PPO.

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Asian J. Research Chem
Bioactive molecules of onion leaves exhibited potent anti polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity; which was purified on silica gel by using solvents. Purification profile procured 3 and 2 active butanol and methanol fractions respectively. Reticence of PPO activity was observed within range of 12 to 14 min when it was treated with active fractions. Characterization of it was conceded by physical constant, UV, IR and TLC. It reputes that, active hydroxyl group attached to the ring structures of PPO, which quench free radical by donating hydrogen in the active hydroxyl group of PPO, confirming inhibition of pigmentation reaction in vitro. Bioactive molecules from onion leaves exhibited various types of inhibition against oxidation of L-DOPA and L-tyrosine and it was compared with classical inhibitors of PPO. Significance of bioactive molecules is to explore for drugs designing, understanding of ligand–receptor interactions, environmental problems and it is simple alternative for the inhibition of PPO.
Onion leaves, quercetin, oxazolone, flavanoid, cinnamic acid, inhibition