Purification of catecholase from Solanum melangema (brinjal)


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    Purification of catecholase from Solanum melangema (brinjal)
    (Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 2012-01) Goswami, Anita,; Amarapurkar, Sudha, V
    Catecholase was purified from cortex of Solanum melangena (brinjal) on natural affiant, lignin. The elution profile showed seven peaks withthe 6th peak having 4616-fold purity. The 6th pure fraction loaded on PAGE showed two protein bands on staining with Coomassie brilliant blue, one at the point of application and other neat he dye front. These bands exhibited catecholase activity, when stained with4-methyl catechol and proline, Basic fuschin and ethidium bromide showed positive tests, indicating that catecholase is a ribonucleoglycoprotein.