कॉपीराइट, आर.पी.आर. व वाडःमय चौर्य


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    कॉपीराइट, आय.पी.आर. व वाडःमय चौर्य
    (Department of Library, B.N.Bandodkar College of Science, Thane, 2020-05-03) Jadhav, Pralhad
    During the talk, we will discuss Assets categories that are Tangible & Intangible; in short, we will discuss what Intellectual Property (IP), types of IP is. In the mid of the talk, we will discuss in detail the Copyright Act, its amendments, digital copyright, and the fair use clause in deep. At the later stage, we will discuss the Plagiarism and types of Plagiarism. On the legislation part, we will confer about UGC regulation on Plagiarism and self-plagiarism. To conclude, we will discuss the strategy of how to avoid Plagiarism and which tools can use to prevent it.