Adoption of Cloud Computing by Tertiary Level Students – A Study


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    Adoption of Cloud Computing by Tertiary Level Students – A Study
    (2014-05-19T08:42:55Z) Dhulla, Tejal V.; Mathur, Suman Kishore
    Cloud Computing is an emerging trend in the information technology. Cloud computing provides integrated services through internet. Cloud computing is recognized as a significant cost centre. Change in technology requires continuous investment; Cloud Computing requires a minimal investment to work with. It provides easy access through virtual network on personal devices. This research study defines the behavioral approach of the Tertiary Level Students (TLS) towards the Cloud Computing adoption. The key to adoption to any technology is willingness to accept the proposed technological solution. Some theoretical models focus on individual adoption of technology whereas some have focused on implementation of infrastructure. UTAUT2 is one of the model focuses on individual behavior approach towards adoption. This study is based on the theoretical UTAUT2 model pertaining to adoption of Cloud Computing. With the help of UTAUT2 model Venkatesh UTAUT2 model includes the behavioral intention and technology use. This research study attempts to identify the influencing factors contributing to the Tertiary Level Students (TLS) towards adoption of Cloud Computing. This study addresses the factors including behavior intention, usage behavior, performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social Influence, facilitating conditions, hedonic motivation, price value, and habit. Individually differences- gender, expenditure and experience are hypothesized having an effect on behavioral intention and usage behavior with respect to Cloud computing adoption. The theoretical and managerial implication of this study is discussed.