Innovation in Technical Education through Research Based Entrepreneurship

NASSCOM predicts that India could face employee shortage. A survey by McKinsey global report in 2006 indicated that industries find only 25% of Indian engineers employable. The knowledge paper by FICCI on “Skill Development in India” indicates that employers are facing difficulty in filling up jobs. “Employability” is about making connections between study, personal development, skills, entrepreneurial ability and other activities that influence individual’s ability to be successful in their chosen occupation. An employable student from the industry’s perspective should have the ability to think critically, to communicate precisely and develop collaborations with others. Technical Knowledge, General Knowledge, awareness and exposure to industrial environment, communication skills and self-confidence are some parameters that can determine employability.


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    Innovation in Technical Education through Research Based Entrepreneurship
    (2014-03-07T06:07:40Z) RAGHAVAN, USHA
    The technical education system in the country has grown into a fairly large system in the last decade, offering opportunities to the aspiring students in a wide variety of trades and disciplines at various levels. Quality is a dynamic concept that needs to be reviewed and redefined from time to time. Globalization has intensified competition amongst industrial and business sector. We need to achieve global standards that are of great relevance today, since India has a demographic advantage in its favour.We need to nurture and carefully strategize to reap the benefits of human resource.